Timescales for Polyhedral Magazine are currently “TBC”.

When we are ready to progress with the magazine this will be available initially via crowdfunding.

We have created a KickStarter page for this as a placeholder for now. Click on the image below to find out more and get notified when we launch the campaign.

Another way to be kept informed of when we are ready to launch Polyhedral Magazine is to click on the Mailchimp icon to be taken to the newsletter sign up form. 

Polyhedral Magazine

The idea behind Polyhedral Magazine came from multiple sources, although primarily it is driven by looking for something like it and not finding anything on the market.

If you have been part of the RPG hobby for a long time, you will likely have come across magazines that supported the hobby in one way or another.

Whether they were in-house or general hobby periodicals, before the internet became the default news source, this was how many roleplayers consumed information about what was happening in the hobby and the industry.

Polyhedral seeks to replicate the approaches taken by some of those magazines and present them in a modern way for the audience of today.

In many respects, the content we hope to achieve for Polyhedral is reflective of the kinds of conversations people have at Tabletop Scotland and other gaming conventions.

You can download issue zero for free from DriveThruRPG by clicking on the cover image.

Roleplaying Game Magazines of Yesteryear.